Pamela Sue Martin starred as Nancy Drew in The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries airing from January 1977 to May 1978. The series would focus on a teenage crime-solver, who found mysteries to unravel in all of her adventures on the 1977 Sunday-evening series, which was based on a children's novel series of the same name. Pamela Sue Martin would star in 12 episodes total before leaving the series. During the first season of the show, Nancy Drew episodes alternated with mysteries starring Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy as The Hardy Boys. When it returned for it's second season in the fall of 1977, Nancy Drew had met up with The Hardy Boys and helped them solve crimes in both Transylvania and Hollywood. Pamela Sue would star in three episodes following those joint episodes before leaving the show voicing her disappointment of the combining of the two shows.

Pamela Sue was replaced by Janet Louis Johnson as Nancy Drew for three more joint episodes of the series, Voodoo Doll, The Mystery on the Avalanche Express and Arson and Old Lace.

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