Parker Stevenson

Parker Stevenson had been appearing in films and TV for five years before he was cast as teen-aged sleuth Frank Hardy on the 1977 series The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries. While the 25-year-old Stevenson was a skilled enough actor to convey his character's extreme youth, his contribution to the series was overshadowed by the teen-heartthrob attention afforded his 19-year-old co-star Shaun Cassidy. Cassidy's season in the sun was brief, but Stevenson has continued to flourish as a TV leading man. He has been blessed with the good fortune of being associated with three of the Small Screen's biggest hits: he played Joel McCarthy on Falcon Crest (1984-85 season), Craig Pomeroy on Baywatch (1989-90) and Steve McMillan on Melrose Place (1993 season only). Parker Stevenson was the husband of actress Kirstie Alley.


Shaun Cassidy

Like his older half-brother, David Cassidy, big-eyed, boyish actor/singer Shaun Cassidy became one of the big teen idols of the 1970s. The son of actors Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones, he became a favorite pin-up boy of preadolescent girls after the release of his first hit single "Morning Girl." In 1977, he landed the co-lead in the popular television mystery series The Hardy Boys Mysteries (1977). The show lasted three seasons, and Cassidy continued on with his recording career -- which ended with the '70s -- while making only the occasional television appearance until he played the lead in another short-lived television series Breaking Away (1980-1981). After that, his acting career became more sporadic and he all but disappeared, but for the infrequent stage appearance. In 1995, Cassidy reappeared on television as the producer of the critically acclaimed but seldom-watched horror series American Gothic. In 1997, he returned with another series, Roar, which chronicles the adventures of the rebel who fought to create a united Ireland in ancient times.


Janet Louise Johnson

Janet Louise Johnson grew up in North Hollywood, California. After attending UCLA for a year, she moved to New York to become a model. She appeared in television commericals and made a guest appearance on "The Mike Douglas Show" modeling clothes. She got her big acting break when she auditoned and won the part of Nancy Drew, replacing Pamela Sue Martin. She has two older sisters and a younger sister. Janet Julian graduated from North Hollywood High School in North Hollywood, California, USA in 1976. She was elected a homecoming princess. Sometimes Credited As: Janet L. Johnson Janet Louise Johnson Janet Johnson.

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